Custom Arcade Machine “Brass-O-Mat”

+ software and firmware (MaxMSP, Python, c/c++), electrical design +

  • design and build by Neulant van Exel
  • portable custom built arcade machine for promotion purposes
  • 4 players compete against each other
  • Simple interface: players move a joystick as quickly as possible to drive a miniature “train” along a track
  • the first train to reach the finishline wins
  • at end of each race a token with each player’s time is printed
  • position of each train is tracked by a photosensor lightbarrier
  • features a fog machine, dmx lighting, servos, lights, various displays and sound effects
  • Various microcontrollers control relay boards, sensors, displays, motors
  • Main PC with custom MaxMSP-software communicates with Arduinos and controls the game
  • Languages used: C/C++, Arduino, python, MaxMSP


10 years ago