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I am an engineer and developer for interactive installations based in Hamburg, Germany. I love solving technical problems, coding and tinkering with microcontrollers. In the past I have worked closely with clients such as artists, organisations and musicians to find individual technical solutions for their ideas and projects. Recently I have taken on a job as a development engineer for automotive infotainment systems.

Good engineering, in my opinon, is really about communication and creativity. It’s getting things to talk to each other, that don’t talk to each other out of the box. It’s about carefully designing interfaces and systems to meet requirements. And it’s about making decisions on how and when individual elements communicate to collectively solve a problem. Besides system internal communication, to make a product or service useful and great, at least the same amount of effort and detail must be put into the systems interface to the world and/or the user.

in my professional work I have extensively used microcontrollers, Arduinos ans Raspberry PIs combined with a wide range of peripherals such as sensors, buttons, displays, motors, etc. and have written code in various languages such as embedded C/C++, Javascript, python, php and Java (even some VBA, but don’t telly anybody). I own a 3D printer that has been very helpful on many projects. My studies have covered electronics, IT and communications engineering. I have two years of experience as a technical lead and project manager so I also understand how to set up and maintain budgets and how to lead interdisciplinary teams.

Pic by Jakob Storm

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