Kinetic Sound Installation “Klangpendel”

+ embedded software (AVRs prgrammed in c) and electronics +

  • project “Klangpendel” by Maurice Braun and Tom Orr
  • 8-channel kinetic sound installation utilizing the doppler effect
  • sound an movements can be controlled and syncronized
  • 8 motor driven controllable pendulums with speakers
  • MaxMSP-based control software
  • custom made “pendulum controller” with Attiny2313
  • controllers communicate with master and give realtime feedback over pendulum positions, motor states
  • optical sensors track position of each pendulum


+ pendulums can be “cought” and released respectively by a switched electromagnet

+ video of the installation at Deutzer Zentralwerk der Schönen Künste + WordPress blog of the build +

13 years ago