Interactive Custom Promotion Tool “Shotclock”

+ system design, embedded software (teensy, Arduino) and electronics +

  • design and build by Neulant van Exel and Nicolai Kudielka
  • proof-of-concept build for a client
  • inspired by a cuckcoo clock, for J├Ągermeister-promo usage in bars or clubs
  • user can configure and control device using a touch screen
  • clock displays messages like “free shots for everybody for the next 20s” on a large RGB LED screen
  • user can set operational modes (e.g. “birthday mode” where clock plays happy birthday and shows names of people who’s birthday it is)
  • integrated sound module and speakers
  • driven by Teensy (Cortex M4F) and Arduino boards
  • multiple LEDs integrated into the housing for effect lighting
Pic by Nicolai Kudielka
Pic by Nicolai Kudielka


Pic by Nicolai Kudielka

9 years ago