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Pic by Jakob Storm
Pic by Jakob Storm

I am a graduate sound and video engineer based in Hamburg, Germany. I have done a lot of “classical” work in the audio/video field, including sound design, video editing, live and studio sound. More recently, I have moved into working on interactive multimedia installations, programming and being a maker. All these things have something in common. A good sound engineer is the link between two worlds. On the one hand the music and the musicians – a very free, expressive and abstract world. On the other hand the recording gear – a very concrete, technical and in a sense restrictive world. The two rely on each other and have to gel – especially nowadays.

My project portfolio might look heterogeneous, but I always find myself linking things together, establishing communication even though a common language was lacking, making things happen where they wouldn’t work on their own. It could be a musician wanting to record his music in a certain studio setting or a theatre director seeking to create a particular mood on stage. Or a microcontroller that turns on a garden hose only when a performer says the word “wet”, while moving at a certain speed across the stage. Being an engineer is about solving problems creatively – within a strict timeframe and using the right tool for the job.

I have a range of software and hardware tools in my toolbox. Starting with classical audio and video production software and DAWs such as Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Logic, Avid and AfterFX but also Google SketchUp for 3D modelling and continuing with more general-purpose tools and development environments like MaxMSP/Jitter, Processing, XCode and Eclipse. I have extensively used Arduinos, Raspberry PIs and other microcontrollers combined with a wide range of peripherals such as sensors, buttons, motors, etc. and have written code in various languages such as c/c++, javascript, python, php and Java. I also have experience in 3D printing (FDM). I own a 3D printer that has been very helpful on many projects. My studies have covered electronics, IT and communications engineering. I have worked as project manager and I managed a company together with an architect and a sculptor, so I also understand the economics of large-scale projects. I know how to set up and maintain budgets and how to lead interdisciplinary teams.

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